Domino was born as a concept for the competition “Design e Creatività”, organized by Roson e Coccolo Arredamenti. The win of a mention at the contest, led to the production of a prototype.
Domino recalls both formally and functionally the little boxes of the game “domino”, combining a playful look to a ecologically sustainable soul.
A playful approach, besides in the name, is also reflected on its use: there’s no visible switch; to turn on the light you just need to slide the top, until the amount of light coming out satisfies your needs. When the top il closed, the light inside automatically turns off. The assembly of domino is fast, easy and inexpensive, since it’s entirely made of birch wood.
Domino holds 14 W led lights: effective but at the same time energetically efficient.
Domino is eco-friendly as it can be completely disassembled and it’s components can be recycled.