Indlu is a project of cabins, located in front of the Muntshe Hill within the Kruger National Park, South Africa.
The cabins are conceived as low-impact constructions, that can be easily be built with readily available materials and dismantled without leaving any significant sign in the landscape.
The shape of the cabins recalls both the shape of a hut in which the visitor can have a rest and observe the park wildlife from an elevated and sheltered point of view.
The cabins can be utilized also as learning and working spaces, though.
In particular, the lower level enables the visitor to enjoy the surrounding nature from a semi-sheltered outdoor space, while the upper level, accessible through the rope ladder, consists in an indoor sheltered space.
This upper level is enclosed partially by opaque wooden elements, aimed to isolate the inside from the excessive sunlight and to protect from wind and rain. It also embodies a rainwater collection system.
The remaining sector of the upper level is enclosed by a tight mosquito net, to allow air circulation.