NEW SCENARIOS OF URBAN REGENERATION: the role of NGOs in fighting over-urbanization

In consideration to the recent interest about topics such as the Right to the City, also fostered by the beginning of the so-called Urban Age, it appears relevant to stimulate once again a disciplinar debate about over-urbanization; a topic closely linked to the exponential increase of the urban territory in the global south as a consequence of the -never ending- migration from the rural to the urban dimensions.

In particular, it is interesting to encourage a discussion on an issue that until now has almost exclusively been prerogative of socio-anthropological research: NGOs as urban subjects; fundamental actors in contrasting phenomena such as over urbanization, that usually are promotors of a different kind of city production. In fact, the component related to the modification of urban space, within the tools of action of NGOs, is often decisive for the determination of new and effective scenarios of urban regeneration.

The full article has been published by the INU (Italian Institute of Urbanism).

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