This booth has been designed for the company Nova Building Top Quality, company for which this year we were art directors (at these links you can find the other works we did for Nova Building, such as the brand identity and the catalogue).
The booth design is very simple but effective in communicating the brand: in fact, the elevation of the stand recalls the logo of Nova building, with its iconic house-shape.
In the side elevation though, the volume is trimmed into multiple sections, in order to make it more architecturally interesting, to allow light and air intake, and to allow visitors who came from the side to partially see the inside.
The flows of the visitors have been studied so that the whole products could be easily and clearly be presented to the visitors.
The stand is entirely built with the materials produced by the company itself (structural wood panels), so that the stand could be not only the envelope to showcase the products but a product itself.
The graphics declare with clarity and simplicity the characteristics of the products; the only evocative picture is the one on the front, the same picture that is used through all the brand identity and that catches the eye of the visitor.